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Faculty of Payam Noor University; Associate Professor


Ayatollah Khamenei has stated the process of realizing Islamic goals in the form of Islamic society since 1968 in the form of numerous speeches until now. He has presented the model of reaching the Islamic society in the form of five strategies, which are: "Creation of the Islamic revolution, followed by the formation of the Islamic system and in the next stage, the formation of the Islamic state, the result of the formation of the Islamic state is the formation of a country with comprehensive management of Islamic laws, and such a country can be the foundation for the creation of an international Islamic civilization, because at this stage it can By dealing with other countries, provide the basis for issuing orders and laws of the religion of Islam to other nations. The present research aims to answer the question of how and in what way the Islamic society plays a role in the formation and consistency of the intellectual system of the Supreme Leader. In this research, it is tried to explain the development and formation of the Supreme Leader's intellectual system about the theoretical dimensions of Islamic society, while explaining the concept of "Islamic society" by using the descriptive-analytical method and relying on the information based on the library method. to be The excavations show that the characteristics of Islamic civilization from the Supreme Leader's point of view - are given in the text of the research - according to the way of progress and delay,