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The Islamic revolution was formed when the material world considered the end of the age of religion in the world. Because of this, the calculation and sociological apparatus of the West fell into a strategic error regarding the prediction and also the analysis of this phenomenon. Even today, many aspects of the why of the Islamic Revolution and its successes remain ambiguous from a sociological point of view; Due to this necessity, in this work, the author seeks to investigate the social causes of the formation of the Islamic Revolution with a descriptive-analytical method, and finally came to the conclusion that the factors shaping the Islamic Revolution, due to the realization of the factors that separate from the imperial regime and the factors The impetus for the religious government has emerged that the condition for the formation of any comprehensive revolution is these two elements, and among them are factors such as the disgust of the ruling corruption, the lack of political freedom in the atmosphere of the society, and the raising of the insight level and the actualization of the capacity. He mentioned internal and...