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This article attempts to introduce economic diplomacy its scope and location will be considered in the adoption of resolution 598 by the Islamic republic 0f Iran in the war between Iran and Iraq. which was a complete war Iran has sought to protect the military from military operations ,with adequate economic resources ,while preserving borders ,to keep the government in danger every where thus one of the economic systems of Iran in this era was economic diplomacy following the internal economic sanctions of Iran by the west. accepting resolution 598 as a way to tackle economic sanctions imposed by reducing vulner ability and increasing economic deterrence so this research seeks to answer the question of what economic diplomacy has played in accepting resolution 598? The present paper describes the hypothesis of descriptive-analytic hypothesis economic diplomacy as a mean to maximize the ability of government designers and government within the framework of the flow of space the economic potential of Iran has played a very important and strategic role in the adoption of resolution 598.