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Associate Professor of Political Science, Ayatollah Boroujerdi University, Boroujerd, Iran


From the beginning of its victory until now, the Islamic Revolution of Iran has been involved in injuries and crises that were neutralized by the tact and instructions of the founders of the revolution and then the Supreme Leader of the Revolution and the vigilance of the people. The present study discusses reaction as a great harm to the Islamic Revolution from the perspective of the Supreme Leader; "Reaction" means to weaken, stop and return to the previous situationThis trait occurs after any revolution among individuals or groups in society who agree with the old, worn-out system and oppose progress. Reaction is one of the most important and dangerous components that threaten the Islamic Revolution.The hypothesis and the findings of the research show that the Supreme Leader considers reaction as a great danger for the revolution that arises by some revolutionaries and considers three factors as the reaction of the reaction; "Moving towards aristocracy", "trusting the affluent classes instead of paying attention to the oppressed and the weak" and "relying on foreigners instead of relying on the people". His Holiness considers the solution to this pest to be recognizing the goals of the revolution and its pillars.