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Assistant Professor of Political Science, Imam Hossein (AS) Military University, Tehran, Iran


According to his stories, articles and political behavior, Jalal Al-Ahmad has always been involved with Iranian issues and with his constant concern for Iranian culture, politics, economy and society, "Iran's pain" and concerns about the current and future situation of Iranians. had. Al-Ahmad had a turbulent life and an evolving and evolving thought that has been reflected in his various works and can be examined with a historical look at the course of his life and works. Born in a religious environment, he grew up in a religious environment and in his youth he left religion and joined the Tudeh Marxist Party. He later turned to socialism and later became a member of the Third Force Party, which had an outlook on Dr. Mossadegh's national current. But after the coup d'état of 28 August 1332, he sank into himself and sought his lost until he finally published works such as "Westernization", "Khesi Dar Miqat" and "In the service and betrayal of intellectuals" and he joined the idea. The totality of Islam and the defense of the blood of the martyrs on June 6, 1963, showed that it found the way of salvation and broke away from Maxism and socialism forever. Al-Ahmad defended Islam against the Shah's Westernism until his death. Although his return to Islam was more political than religious, he traced the roots of Iranian culture and culture to Islam. Had found.