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Assistant Professor of Political Science, Imam Hossein (AS) Military University, Tehran, Iran


Addressing the issue of the new middle class as one of the main influential groups in the contemporary period of Iranian history, especially in the last four decades, is of various dimensions. One of these dimensions that has and will have a great impact on the understanding of the Islamic Revolution is the developments, characteristics and political challenges of the new middle class in the Islamic Republic. What political developments has the emergence and existence of a new middle class in the Islamic Republic of Iran gone through and what challenges does it pose to the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran? The main question of this article is. Methodologically, it is a descriptive-analytical study that has been used as a library method to collect information. The results show that the emergence of a new middle class in Iran and its developments has faced the Islamic Republic with challenges such as the fluidity of political demands and tendencies, discourse conflict with the traditional middle class, multiple political demands and good governance.